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The San Marino Ship Register (SMSR) is a new registration that opened in July, 2021 that offers vessel registration and flag administration for the Republic of San Marino. The Republic of San Marino has been a member of the IMO since 2002 and has ratified all major maritime international conventions. We highly recommend this new registry if you are looking for a fast, inexpensive registration with a reputable European flag that is valid for 5 years.

The San Marino Ship Register has become an active member in the maritime sector, launching the registration of pleasure and commercial vessels to an international audience. The Registry operates by the highest standards of compliance with national and international regulations for the safety of navigation. Moreover, registration in San Marino offers advantageous taxation regimes and competitive pricing tailored to different target customers.

The San Marino ship registration is available for the registration of vessels in private and commercial use of any size. Their main selling points will be a fast 48-hour registration process, attractive fees and tax regimes, and no restrictions based on nationality. It is their goal to offer an efficient and simple boat registration which includes digital access to certification, 24-hour global support, and a quality customer service with quick response times.

The San Marino ship registration operates in full compliance with national and international fiscal regulations and cooperate fully with the competent authorities. San Marino is a white flag and the registry envisages limited inspections of its vessels by port state control. White flags are generally viewed in a favourable light by third parties such as insurance companies or RightShip. San Marino has no restrictions on the nationality of owners or seafarers.

What are the main advantages of flying the San Marino flag registration?

  • The registration can be done fast. You will receive your provisional in 48 hours already!
  • The cost of registration is low. They start from €590,- for boats up to 10 meters.
  • No yearly renewals! The registration is valid for 5 years.
  • No survey is needed if your vessel is under 24 meters and for private use.
  • Paperwork and bureaucracy are reduced to the minimum necessary to satisfy international requirements.
  • San Marino allows for commercial registration without differentiating between charter with and without crew.
  • San Marino allows vessels in private use to be temporarily engaged in trade for a period up to 84 days.
  • San Marino allows for commercial registration to be temporarily suspended in order to switch to private use, with a simple online procedure.

How long does it take to register a vessel in San Marino?
The San Marino ship register is very fast and efficient. This means that you can receive your provisional registration in 48 hours. This provisional registration will be sent by email and will already be valid for use. You will then receive the official registration within a couple of weeks.

Do I need have an official survey done?
If your yacht is under 24 meters and used only for private use a survey is not required. You will receive only have to fill in a self-assessment form which we will provide to you.

All International Payment Methods Accepted